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Stan's NoTubes Flow MK3 29in Boost Wheelset

item #SNT003M
Price: $679.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Flow MK3 29in Boost Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Flow MK3 29in Boost Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Flow MK3 29in Boost Wheelset description:
When we raved about Stan's NoTubes Flow EX wheelset, we were pretty sure that design was going to be setting the standard for a while. However, Stan's isn't known for sitting back and just letting things coast, and is pushing the boundaries again with its all-new Flow MK3 29in Boost Wheelset. Boasting wider rims to best accommodates changing trends towards beefier tires alongside claims of lowered weight and increased stiffness and durability, the Flow MK3 is setting the standard for tackling all-mountain terrain.Billed as a bombproof trail, all-mountain, and enduro wheelset, the Flow MK3's internal rim width bumps out from the EX's 25. 5mm to a wide 29mm platform built to pair with tires ranging from 2. 34 inches to 2. 8 inches in width. As with all of Stan's offerings the Flow MK3 incorporates Stan's Bead Socket Technology (BST), featuring notably low profile sidewalls that allows the tire bead to seat more effectively and leads to a heap of benefits compared to standard rims with higher sidewalls. BST results in an exceptional tubeless seal while also allowing the tire to hold greater air volume than standard rims that place the bead 2-4mm below the edge. This interface allows the tire to maintain its full shape for a wider, more stable rolling platform compared to the same tire mounted on a standard rim. The ability to run up to 30% lower air pressure in the tubeless system than a standard tube setup paired with all those BST features results in exceptional tire stability, better handling, solid cornering, and better overall control out in the dirt. These rims are also compatible with standard tubes, with the lower sidewall drastically reducing pinch flat risk by reducing the amount of material present for the tube to pinch against. This means less time bunkered down in the dust wrestling with flats and more time shredding your favorite loops. Stan's new Neo hub set sits at the center of the Flow MK3, featuring oversized, smooth-spinning bearings that gli...

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