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Stan's NoTubes Grail Comp Disc Wheelset

item #SNT002U
Price: $649.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Grail Comp Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Grail Comp Disc Wheelset
Stan's NoTubes Grail Comp Disc Wheelset description:
Step up to tubeless with the versatile Stan's NoTubes Grail Comp Disc Wheelset and add a big dose of flat-resistant speed to your cyclocross, road, or gravel adventures. This wheelset packs Stan's reputation for industry-leading tubeless innovation into a versatile design that transfers effortlessly from wide, low-pressure cyclocross tires to skinny, high-pressure road tires -- and everything in between. The Grail Comp Discs utilize Stan's trademark Bead Socket Technology (BST), which features low profile sidewalls that provide a better seat for the tire bead and allow for a heap of benefits compared to standard rims with higher sidewalls. When setup as tubeless, BST provides an exceptional seal while allowing the tire to hold a greater volume of air than standard rims. This interface lets the tire maintain its full shape for a wider, more stable rolling platform than if the same tire were mounted on a standard rim. When paired with BST, a tubeless setup's ability to run up to 30% lower air pressure than clinchers results in exceptional tire stability, better handling, solid cornering, and better overall control. If you prefer clinchers, these rims are compatible with them, and the lower sidewall drastically reduces pinch flat risk by reducing the amount of material present for the tube to pinch against. This means less time sitting in the dust wrestling with a flat or jogging in to the pit for a wheel change. Stan's laces the Grail Comp rims to its all-new Neo hub set featuring smooth-spinning, oversized chrome bearings that glide on a stiff, strong, swaged axle. The Neo holds the bearings at a wider stance for a claimed threefold increase in strength compared to standard hub designs. The Neo boasts 4 precision pawls that simultaneously engage a forged steel 36-tooth ratchet ring for snappy engagement to power down the course. Stan's builds in its new SealLock end caps for easy installation and Slip-Fit axle ends for easy conversion. The Stan's Grail Comp Di...

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