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Stan's NoTubes Hugo 52 Boost Wheelset - 27.5in

item #SNT002N
Price: $729.00 Buy Stan's NoTubes Hugo 52 Boost Wheelset - 27.5in
Stan's NoTubes Hugo 52 Boost Wheelset - 27.5in
Stan's NoTubes Hugo 52 Boost Wheelset - 27.5in description:
Fat bikes have moved from novelty rigs to all-weather mainstays, but some of the accompanying tech hasn't quite caught up yet. Stan's NoTubes is leading the way forward with the Hugo 52 Boost 27. 5in Wheelset, which brings fat-tire bikes firmly into the modern era with tough and tubeless-ready rims that handle high speeds, rowdy riding, and long days on the trail. Traditional rim designs have never been able to reliably handle the width of fat tires, but Stan's designed the Hugo with a more rectangular bead shape and uses low-profile sidewalls to hold the bead solidly in place, so you can rally over a living room's worth of trail furniture and keep more rubber on the ground. It also spreads force across the rim, so you're less likely to run into dents and dings while running into rocks and things. Of course, Stan's hasn't changed the Bead Socket Technology (BST) that made it famous. Combined with some 27mm rim tape, it makes the Hugo a tubeless beast that can be run at low and ultra-grippy pressures, so you can really enjoy the stiffness and durability of the 3. 30 disc hubs and Sapim Custom Force spokes.

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