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Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove

item #SNO000R
Price: $374.95 Buy Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove
Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove
Snow Peak GigaPower LI Stove description:
Whip up a vat of stew, melt snow for water when you're winter camping, or make enough hot cocoa for the whole campground with the Snow Peak GigaPower Li Stove. This sturdy stove features a large burner head that kicks out 34,000 BTUs to boil a liter of water in 2. 5 minutes. A collapsible design and included carrying case make packing it along quick and easy, while four adjustable legs make it super sturdy. Capable of holding large pots and pans when cooking for large groups of people, this stove is sure to be a central gathering point during all your camp outs.

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