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Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Glove

item #SNG000B
Price: $42.95 Buy Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Glove
Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Glove
Singing Rock Chocky Jamming Glove description:
You could bloody your hands up every weekend, spend a fortune on tape, or just climb cracks in Singing Rock's Chocky Jamming Glove. Like the best tape job ever designed, the Chocky Jamming Glove protects the back of your hand while keeping your palm free for face holds. Rubber keeps the Chocky reliably durable for seasons of splitter sending, and the elastic loops ensure dexterous mobility. The hook-and-loop closure stays off your wrist to further enhance freedom of movement. Even if you consider the Chocky "cheating," this glove truly comes in handy when you're training on those bloodied, never washed, potentially diseased cracks in the gym.

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