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SAM Matte Decade Down Jacket - Women's

item #SMX000H
Price: $594.95
Sale Price: $416.47
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SAM Matte Decade Down Jacket - Women's
SAM Matte Decade Down Jacket - Women's description:
The nature of a trend often means it has a short lifeline, which has the capacity to complicate your winter wardrobe. However, instead of falling prey to fast fashion, ensure your style remains classic and unwavering with a little help from the SAM Women's Matte Decade Down Jacket. Not only is this jacket designed to endure years of trends, but it's built to assure cozy warmth on cool winter days. More specifically, the Matte Decade Down Jacket features a tough nylon exterior and stylish baffling, which isn't just a pretty face. Each baffling boasts a pocket of lofted down insulation, which is responsible for keeping you warm come cold weather. Additionally, the myriad of pockets keep necessities close at hand, while the storm flap provides added protection from pesky wind. Not to mention, the fully adjustable hood is fashioned with a removable fur ruff, so you're able to personalize your look depending on your mood, weather conditions, or even the time of day.

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