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Simms Riprap Felt Sandal - Men's

item #SMM00C5
Price: $99.95 Buy Simms Riprap Felt Sandal - Men's
Simms Riprap Felt Sandal - Men's
Simms Riprap Felt Sandal - Men's description:
When the rivers warm up at the height of summer, trade in your waders and boots for shorts and the Simms Men's Riprap Felt Sandal. This quick-draining sandal is perfect for wet wading, combining the cool comfort and fast-drying benefits of a sandal with the traction and stability of a wading boot. Abrasion-resistant material in the upper won't get torn up by rock-strewn streams, and hydrophobic mesh at the front keeps debris out when you're shuffling around in the water. The Right Angle footbed creates proper foot biomechanics to ensure all-day comfort and fights fatigue, so you won't have to call it quits right when the fish start biting. A felt center pad offers traction on slippery riverbeds, while rubber around the perimeter maintains grip when you're hiking to your secret trout spot.

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