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Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack

item #SMM009M
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Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack
Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack description:
Forget about endlessly digging through your pack for fly fishing gear when you're carrying the Simms G4 Pro Hip Pack. This hip pack acts as your personal fishing organizer, providing easy access to all of your gear without the need to fumble with an oversized pack. It's an ideal companion for shorter fishing trips when you're packing light, but still need all of the essentials close at hand. Providing quick access to your fishing gear, the fold-down workbench with tippet tender makes easy work of changing out or resurrecting wet flies. Bellowed hip pockets expands its storage capabilities while the mesh pocket clutches a water bottle. And when the crisp morning gives way to a scorching afternoon, cinch down your jacket in the compression straps.

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