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Simms RipRap Sandal - Women's

item #SMM008Z
Price: $89.95 Buy Simms RipRap Sandal - Women's
Simms RipRap Sandal - Women's
Simms RipRap Sandal - Women's description:
A little bit of wet-wading never hurt anyone--well, except for those who wandered without protecting their toes, which is why the designers at Simms created the Women's RipRap Sandal. The RipRap features a closed toe design for ample defense against rocks, sticks, and other potentially hazardous, river-bound objects. Meanwhile, the hydrophobic synthetic materials and mesh lend quick-drying performance, and the platform is designed as such that it prevents proprioception, assuring ample stability when you need it most. The various vents provide on-the-go drainage, and the rubber outsole is stud capable for unprecedented, adaptive grip in all sorts of terrain.

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