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Simms Challenger Boat Shoe - Men's

item #SMM008Y
Price: $119.95
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Simms Challenger Boat Shoe - Men's
Simms Challenger Boat Shoe - Men's description:
What's smaller than a breadbox, and built to cover land, water, and boat decks' The Simms Men's Challenger Boat Shoe, obviously. This all-weather shoe features a go-anywhere, do-anything construction that lends unencumbered versatility and adaptive performance. The Challenger is more than just a technical shoe; it's also a comfort-forward one, too, that allows you to transition from the docks to the corner fish-fry on the boardwalk with ease. A durable, hydrophobic exterior fends of moisture and errant objects alike, while the TPU-reinforced heel and forefoot provide support and lateral control, so you're guaranteed the best in stability, regardless of how unstable the terrain at hand is. The Right Angle Footbed promotes a comfortable fit and feel, making it easy to wear the Challenger on those day-long endeavors. Additionally, the midsole and outsole are equipped with an efficient drainage system, assuring you a quick release of water. And, naturally, no sundae is complete without a cherry on top, which is why the designers at Simms topped the Challenger with a siped outsole for maximum traction on wet surfaces.

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