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Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's

item #SMM008X
Price: $89.95 Buy Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's
Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's
Simms Riprap Sandal - Men's description:
The Simms Men's Riprap Sandal is a lightweight, nimble sandal for leisurely afternoons spent casting for trout in tiny feeder streams. It's suitable for wading along slippery stream bottoms with its textured, stud-capable rubber sole. Because it employs a rubber bottom, the Riprap won't transport invasives, making it suitable where laws restrict the use of felt-soled footwear. The open-sided design rapidly drains after leaving the water, meaning you'll be comfortable hiking to your vehicle after fishing all day. It's surprisingly nimble across both land and water, giving you the tactile feedback for retaining balance across rugged trails and slippery streams. To address the need for proper support, the Right Angle footbed is ergonomically contoured for uncompromising wearing comfort.

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