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Simms Waypoints Hip Pack - Small

item #SMM006N
Price: $99.95 Buy Simms Waypoints Hip Pack - Small
Simms Waypoints Hip Pack - Small
Simms Waypoints Hip Pack - Small description:
You had to give your buddy down at the fly shop two cases of microbrews to persuade him to divulge that overlooked river he's been yanking big cutties out of, and even then you were sworn to secrecy. Access will be tricky and the day will be long, but you have your Simms Waypoints Hip Pack loaded and ready to go, so you're well-prepared for a full day getting to, and being on, the river. Once you park your car and rig your rod, throw the Waypoint's removable shoulder strap over your shoulders and fasten the waist belt tight as you make your way towards the fabled stream. When you're on the trail, you'll notice the supportive aluminum frame carries the relatively heavy load well, and it helps distribute the weight for a more comfortable carry. When you reach the water, you'll spot fish actively feeding on the surface, so zip down the the molded work bench to get access to your fly boxes and figure out exactly which fly is going to fool these fish.

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