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Simms Waypoints Sling Pack - Large

item #SMM006K
Price: $129.95 Buy Simms Waypoints Sling Pack - Large
Simms Waypoints Sling Pack - Large
Simms Waypoints Sling Pack - Large description:
No, no one slipped hallucinogenics in your coffee--you're hearing the flow of the river in your head and seeing mayflies hatch off your desk because you need to go fishing. It's a good thing you tied a fresh batch of trout snacks up last night and threw them in your Simms Waypoint Large Sling, because you're sneaking out to that secret stream as soon as possible, and it's going to be awhile before you come back.This large sling pack carries everything you could possibly need for a full day on the river with a spacious main compartment and a study, zip-down work bench where you can decide which fly will do the trick at that moment during the hatch. A large, padded shoulder strap keeps the pack close and makes access to gear easy with a sling-style design. The Waypoints Sling Pack also has plenty of external space for small tools and accessories with a magnetic tool ports, a hook and loop accessory patch, and a sunglasses pocket all within arm's reach as you fish.

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