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Simms Waypoints Backpack

item #SMM006I
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Simms Waypoints Backpack
Simms Waypoints Backpack description:
Stocked trout were fun to catch when you were a kid, but your appetite to catch wild and colorful fish has only increased over the years, so load up your Simms Large Waypoints Backpack with all the gear you need to access remote waters and hook into some wild and native fish. Simms designed this pack with backcountry fishing in mind, so it has a lightweight design and aluminum frame to support heavy loads. A great pack for big days in places like Alaska or British Columbia, or accessing remote mountain trout streams in the Western US, New Zealand, or Patagonia, this large version of the Waypoints offers dual access points through the tops and sides, as well as a front rod tube holder to free your hands up during the hike into the river. The Catch & Release shoulder straps are compatible with any Simms Waypoints chest pack, so you can go ahead and leave this pack on once you're ready to start fishing.

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