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Smokin KT-22 Snowboard

item #SMK001Z
Price: $539.99
Sale Price: $350.99
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Smokin KT-22 Snowboard
Smokin KT-22 Snowboard description:
Considering that Smokin's boards are handcrafted in Tahoe, it's only appropriate that Smokin named its flagship freeride snowboard after Squaw's infamous KT-22 lift. KT-22 (the lift) offers access to stunning steeps, tight chutes, and massive cliffs, and the KT-22 (the board) is the perfect ride for slaying it all. A big, rockered nose keeps this board afloat in deep pow, while camber underfoot and to the the tail ensures you can charge steeps and carve groomers with confidence. Softest at the nose, the board is substantially more responsive along the rear for snapping off natural features, stomping backseat landings, and exploding out of pow turns. Three Stage Dampening makes the board super-stable when you're straightlining steeps and riding out high-speed runouts through chop and chunder. PoP Gnarly hemp fibers along the tip and tail add sustainable spring-loaded snap for weaving through trees and popping off natural hits. Other key ingredients include: Mellow Magne-Traction edges for locked-in edge hold on icy slopes and a Sintered 6000 base that's extremely tough and highly wax-absorbent for maximum glide.

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