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Smokin Superpark Snowboard - CLASH Rocker (CTX)

item #SMK001R
Price: $529.99
Sale Price: $344.49
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Smokin Superpark Snowboard - CLASH Rocker (CTX)
Smokin Superpark Snowboard - CLASH Rocker (CTX) description:
Named for its go-big mentality, the Smokin Superpark CTX Snowboard delivers outstanding performance for full-throttle freestyle riders boosting from kickers and pipe hits. Its responsive flex is matched with a forgiving, rocker-dominant profile, allowing you to effortlessly transition from bigger park hits to kinked handrails without skipping a beat. Generous rocker placed between the bindings keeps the feel loose when you're jibbing and helps you stay afloat in powder, should you decide to leave the park for some cliff drops and backcountry jumps. Cambered zones underfoot provide the energetic pop and high-speed stability for slaying larger hits. Mellow Magne-Traction edges maximize edge hold in icy snow conditions without being overly grabby. Standing up to all the abuse you can dish out, the Superpark CTX features a full aspen wood core for proven durability when you're thrashing this board for seasons to come. Pop Gnarley hemp fibers accentuate snap in the tip and tail, also reducing vibration when you're charging across chop. Another unique feature is Smokin's Tefloaded base, which is a sintered 6000 base infused with Teflon (i. e. what's used on non-stick cookware) for low-friction glide across the snow.

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