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Smith Forefront MIPS Helmet

item #SMI00CD
Price: $250.00
Sale Price: $125.00
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Smith Forefront MIPS Helmet
Smith Forefront MIPS Helmet description:
Stay cool and collected with an extra dose of dome protection in the Smith Forefront MIPS Helmet. It features the same patented Aerocore technology and Karoyd material found in the non-MIPS Forefront, with its unique "bundle of straws" aesthetics that comes with claims of up to 30% reduction in force transmission compared to standard EPS foam. This version ups the safety ante with a Multi-Directional Protection System (MIPS) liner to further reduce impact force and decrease concussion risk in the event of a crash.While Aerocore construction boasts a host of advantages, large, unrestricted vents isn't one of them, so Smith adds integrated camera and light mounts to safely attach your tech. While it does require accessories, these mounts are much more secure than the standard strap mounts used to mount those items to other helmets, and the benefits manifest immediately with notable less shaky POV footage.

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