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Smith Forefront Helmet

item #SMI00CC
Price: $220.00
Sale Price: $110.00
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Smith Forefront Helmet
Smith Forefront Helmet description:
Match your rad Smith sunnies to an equally unique helmet aesthetic with the Smith Forefront Helmet. Venturing far from tradition construction, the Forefront's Aerocore technology uses Karoyd material for a look that's straight out of the future with boosted safety to match. Its honeycomb motif is accompanied by claims of a 30% reduction in force transmission, which in turn reduces injury risk if you happen to hit the deck.While Aerocore construction boasts a host of advantages, massive, open vents isn't one of them, so Smith adds integrated camera and light mounts to safely attach your gadgets. While they do require accessories, these mounts are much more secure than the standard strap mounts used to mount those items to other helmets, and the benefits show up immediately with notably more stable POV footage.

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