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Smith Gage Junior Helmet - Kids'

item #SMI00B5
Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $44.00
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Smith Gage Junior Helmet - Kids'
Smith Gage Junior Helmet - Kids' description:
Your ankle-biter is always moving 100 miles per hour, whether he's on skis, a snowboard, or a bike, but you can keep his noggin safe during all his high-speed activities with the Smith Gage Junior Kids' Helmet. The Bombshell ABS shell and EPS foam lining are fully certified for snowsports and biking, so he can rock it year round, and the removable earpads make it comfortable on cold winter days or hot summer afternoons. The AirEvac 2 vents are designed to be compatible with Smith goggles to keep his vision clear and fog-free, too, so he can ride all day in soggy and warm conditions without having to worry about whether that blob up there is a tree, person, or pile of snow.

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