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Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhhone 7 Case

item #SLZ0006
Price: $149.99 Buy Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhhone 7 Case
Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhhone 7 Case
Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhhone 7 Case description:
From backpacking sections of the Appalachian Trail to ski touring in the Colorado backcountry, keep your iPhone safe and sound through your roughest and most rugged adventures with the Snow Lizard SLXtreme iPhone 7 Case. Not only does it protect your phone from dunks in water, dust storms, accidental drops, extreme temperature fluctuations, low pressure, humidity, and more (phew!), but it also has a built-in battery that extends the life of your phone by over 185%. Simply plug it in via Micro USB before leaving, and you'll get 23 hours of added talk time, 18 hours of video time, and an astonishing 83 hours of extra music listening time. If that wasn't enough, there's a 20% efficient solar panel on the back that activates in direct sunlight in case of an emergency (1 hour in the sun equals about 10 minutes of talk time). The phone is super easy to remove in case you don't need the case for daily life--just open the nickel alloy latches and slide the phone right out. And if you're wondering if this thing is really as tough as they say it is, then you should probably know that it's been rated to meet the US Department of Defense's highest standards. If that doesn't convince you, then nothing will.

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