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Selle SMP Dynamic 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Saddle

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Price: $299.00 Buy Selle SMP Dynamic 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Saddle
Selle SMP Dynamic 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Saddle
Selle SMP Dynamic 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Saddle description:
In 2017, Selle SMP turned 70, and to celebrate the occasion it's releasing several saddles in special editions. The Dynamic 70th Anniversary Limited Edition Saddle is functionally equivalent to the standard Dynamic--it does, however, feature a splash of Italian flair in the form of tricolor details, special graphics, so-soft embroidery across its face, and a hand-painted baseplate secured with bolts machined at a boutique shop in Italy. Given that Selle SMP's saddles are already about as hand-crafted and Italian it gets, these special embellishments make the 70th anniversary Dynamic Italianissimo. [Oh dear, oh dear - Ed] Despite the updated graphics, the celebratory Dynamic is essentially the same saddle Dynamic fans know and love. It keeps padding to a minimum, so it doesn't feel like a throw pillow wrapped on your seatpost, bouncing you down the road during sustained efforts while seated. At the nose, the characteristic "beak" shape provides relief to cyclists across the spectrum of stem slamming, but the flat central section and raised tail keep ischial support on-point while coaching your hips into a more efficient angle of attack on the pedals. A pronounced central channel finishes the roster of comfort-focused features, ensuring that a lack of padding doesn't mean sensitive tissues take a beating. Though it's minimal, the saddle does still feature some foam elastomer padding, which is wrapped in either leather (black) or synthetic microfiber (white). Its durable nylon/carbon composite shell rides on stainless steel rails, ensuring a secure perch that's equal to virtually any cycling discipline.

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