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Silca Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape

item #SLC000N
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Silca Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape
Silca Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape description:
Optimized with a special adhesive that's suited for both carbon and aluminum surfaces, Silca's Platinum Rim Tape provides a strong seal for converting road, cross, and mountain bike wheels to tubeless. For those using a traditional road setup, Platinum Rim tape is a great replacement for preventing flats caused by your rim's spoke holes. The full synthetic adhesive is stronger than traditional adhesives used for sealing aluminum and carbon wheels. Plus, its reduced thickness makes tire installation and removal relatively painless, especially compared to thicker rim tapes on the market. Platinum Rim Tape comes in two versions, with the 21mm tape sealing 15c to 19c width rims and the 25mm tape sealing 21c to 27c width rims. Both tapes are nine meters in length, wrapping two road wheels (700c), four cross or mountain bike wheels of 29 inches, or five mountain 26in mountain bike wheels. Road wheels require two wraps, adding only nine grams to each wheel's weight. 29 inch cross/mountain bike wheels only require one wrap, adding 4. 5 grams to each wheel.

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