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Skratch Labs Paper

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Skratch Labs Paper
Skratch Labs Paper description:
Now that you've gone to all the trouble and effort to bake your very own portable ride food, you don't want to just package it up in boring old tin foil or parchment paper. Show your group your true dedication to training nutrition and keep your ride food perfectly proportioned and beautifully presented with Skratch Labs Paper. Claiming properties from the aluminum foil and parchment paper worlds, this paper blends the strength of parchment with the moldability of foil for stylish functionality when you're out on the road. To cut down on time wasted sorting out proper size and wrapping procedures, the Skratch Labs Paper comes packaged as a set of 40 precisely pre-cut 8. 5in by 8. 5in sheets with detailed instructions for optimal nutrition wrapping and labeling.

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