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Skratch Labs Klean Kanteen Bottle

item #SLB000M
Price: $27.95 Buy Skratch Labs Klean Kanteen Bottle
Skratch Labs Klean Kanteen Bottle
Skratch Labs Klean Kanteen Bottle description:
Take your hydration mix to go in the Skratch Labs Klean Kanteen Bottle. Boasting double-walled, stainless steel construction, this bottle keeps drinks securely contained with a leak-proof Stainless Loop Cap that easily clips to your pack with your favorite weathered carabiner. While other imposters may try to imitate the cool Klean Kanteen look, this one's the real deal, insulating your beverage and keep it hot for up to six hours or cold up to a full 24 hours. Keeping with Klean Kanteen's reputation for quality, this bottle keeps flavors fresh when you want them and lets them wash completely away to eliminate any pesky remnants left over from your last drink of choice.

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