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Science in Sport Drink Bottle

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Science in Sport Drink Bottle
Science in Sport Drink Bottle description:
You're going to need some containers to go along with all of that wonderful Science in Sport product, and stocking up with the company's collection of Drink Bottles is a smart way to house your hydration and recovery mix while proudly rocking the SiS logo on and off the bike. The 800ml narrow neck option is ideal for almost any situation because it features measurement marks to easily dole out your drink mix portions and a soft nozzle. The 500ml Team Sky bottle is a slightly smaller, traditional bidon size whose baby blue color will stand out on any ride. When you're done with your workout, the SiS Protein Shaker is there to help you recover. It's got pre-marked measurement guides to accurately portion your recovery mix and a wide mouth for full access to sustenance when you need it most. Regardless of which option you choose, all three bottles are dishwasher safe and easily washable, so you're always ready to hydrate for the task at hand.

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