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Shimano Dura Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket

item #SHI0513
Price: $31.99
Sale Price: $27.19
Buy Shimano Dura Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket
Shimano Dura Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket
Shimano Dura Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket description:
The 86mm bottom bracket is a relatively new, reasonably beefier BB standard that allows frame designers a little more leeway to play around with seat tube, downtube, and chainstay designs. The new, larger shell requires a larger bracket, obviously, and Shimano designed the Dura-Ace BB86 Bottom Bracket to quite literally fill the gap. While it's a little larger than traditional BBs, the BB86 has the same design as Shimano's other Dura-Ace brackets, with steel cartridge bearings packed inside composite cups and plastic o-rings and dust shields to keep everything running smoothly. The 86 is also compatible with Shimano HollowTech cranks, so you can keep your old crankset even if you're getting a new frame.

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