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Shimano SLX RT66 Rotor - 6 Bolt

item #SHI00EK
Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $18.04
Buy Shimano SLX RT66 Rotor - 6 Bolt
Shimano SLX RT66 Rotor - 6 Bolt
Shimano SLX RT66 Rotor - 6 Bolt description:
At the end of last season, you promised yourself you'd finally buy some fresh rotors in the spring, so don't put it off. If you're running 6-bolt disc bakes, grab the Shimano SLX RT66 6-Bolt Rotor and make sure you'll be able to stop consistently on the muddy, rough trail conditions you're bound to encounter in the early part of next season. A steel construction promises durability without a hefty price tag, and strategically carved mud-shedding slots throughout the rotor's body help your pads stay cleaner and less crusty on wet days.

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