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Shimano Transit Glove

item #SHI00EF
Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $17.46
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Shimano Transit Glove
Shimano Transit Glove description:
Preserve your grip and control in the cockpit with Shimano's Transit Glove whether you're riding through the cover of night after a long day at the office, or pedaling through a summer rainstorm for rainy day snacks at the store. Sleek and light, this glove will match the quieter demeanor of your commuting kit, and its subtle, but highly luminous, reflective accents will help you stay visible in the bike lane, no matter what the light conditions are around you. Grippy, cushioned palms preserve your dexterity as you shift to pick up speed through intersections, while absorbing road vibrations over the miles to prevent fatigue.

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