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Shimano SLX FC-M7000 1x Crankarms

item #SHI00CP
Price: $97.99
Sale Price: $80.07
Buy Shimano SLX FC-M7000 1x Crankarms
Shimano SLX FC-M7000 1x Crankarms
Shimano SLX FC-M7000 1x Crankarms description:
SLX's recent overhaul this year has left us all marveling at what a "workhorse" groupset can really become. Sleeker graphics, improved functionality, and a whole host of trickle-down technology from XT and XTR have closed the gap between SLX and Shimano's pricier groupsets, and we're thrilled about it. When you spec your bump-devouring trail frame with the SLX FC-M7000 1x Crankarms, you'll gain access to Shimano's impressive Hollowtech II construction, more consistent chain retention, and a lighter design than previous versions of SLX. Plus, it still occupies a price range that's kind to the everyday cyclist, which we can always get behind. As we mentioned, the biggest change that came to SLX crank arms this year is their transition to a Hollowtech II construction. Shimano manages to create stronger crank arms than most solid versions with this design, which is constructed with forged aluminum arranged around a hollow center. This strategic use of material shaves weight while still equipping the crankarms to be bashed over successive hits without complaint, and to transfer power as you work hard to turn them over. It's a fitting construction for today's breed of incredibly capable trail and enduro frames. They pair with either a 30T, 32T, or 34T SLX chainring, which have all been upgraded to offer better chain retention, significantly narrowing the gap between XT and SLX.

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