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Shimano SC-MT9051 Di2 Digital Display Unit

item #SHI00CJ
Price: $160.99
Sale Price: $144.89
Buy Shimano SC-MT9051 Di2 Digital Display Unit
Shimano SC-MT9051 Di2 Digital Display Unit
Shimano SC-MT9051 Di2 Digital Display Unit description:
With its SC-MT9051 Di2 Digital Display Unit, Shimano ushers its off-road electronic groupset into the wireless realm. The SC-MT9051 is Bluetooth compatible, so it displays all of the drivetrain information of its wired predecessor, the SC-M9050, but without the inconvenience of wired connections. It still enables Synchro Shift, but it now also lets you customize and fine-tune the Di2 shifting system wirelessly--once again courtesy of its Bluetooth connection. The rapidly evolving world of electronic drivetrains can be confusing, compatibility-wise, so we'll help walk you through it. The SC-MT9051 is compatible with Shimano's BT-DN110 battery. It does also work with the SM-BTR2 battery, which is the previous Di2 battery built for the SC-M9050, but doing so negates the Bluetooth functionality and eliminates Synchro Shift. Given those limitations, we recommend only pairing it with the BT-DN110 battery.

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