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Shimano SLX SL-M7000 Trigger Shifter

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Buy Shimano SLX SL-M7000 Trigger Shifter
Shimano SLX SL-M7000 Trigger Shifter
Shimano SLX SL-M7000 Trigger Shifter description:
For Shimano's new SLX drivetrain, even the trigger shifters received some of the magic dust Shimano sprinkled across the affordable groupset as it transformed it from a workhorse 10-speed drivetrain to componentry resembling Shimano royalty. Shimano knows trickle-down, and it delivered features from XT to SLX to bring it up to 11-speed greatness. SLX deserves all of the attention each of its shiny bits have received from the glossies, from the new brakes right down to the SLX SL-M7000 Trigger Shifter. Now featuring a sleeker design that's been molded to better fit the hand, the shift levers also come with a longer body that allows for quicker shift initiations when you're focusing on blasting through an approaching rock garden. When you throw the levers, the stainless steel shift cable's OPTISLICK coating helps it engage faster, with less effort, and the levers allow you to downshift up to three gears in one stroke. You can also choose whether you want to use your thumb or index finger to release gears depending on which is easier given the terrain. All of these changes collectively resulted in a reduction in shift effort of around 20%, according to Shimano, which makes a difference when you're trying to keep pace on an exhausting, challenging trail. Please note that this version comes in Shimano's impressive I-Spec II mount option, previously only offered on XT, which is incredibly simple to install, and offers a huge range of adjustability once mounted.

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