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Shimano Tokyo 23 Bike Pack

item #SHI00BT
Price: $160.00 Buy Shimano Tokyo 23 Bike Pack
Shimano Tokyo 23 Bike Pack
Shimano Tokyo 23 Bike Pack description:
Maybe you're fortunate enough to be heading to a certain global city in Japan, perhaps your summer goal is to save gas and get fitter by riding to work a few days a week, or possible your trusty commuter pack was finally forced to retire recently, leaving a huge void in your everyday riding routine. Whatever the reason you've happened upon Shimano's Tokyo Urban Bike Pack, the bag is a hardworking addition to any commuting routine. It boasts a stubbornly strong ballistic nylon construction with a water-repellent treatment and ventilated, breathable straps to save your shoulders on days when you're carrying a little more than usual with you to work.

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