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Shimano Deore XT SL-M780 I-Spec B Shifters

item #SHI001F
Price: $139.99
Sale Price: $90.99
Buy Shimano Deore XT SL-M780 I-Spec B Shifters
Shimano Deore XT SL-M780 I-Spec B Shifters
Shimano Deore XT SL-M780 I-Spec B Shifters description:
We are lucky to be riding in an age of such broad mountain bike innovation. However, all the new gadgets that make your bike so efficient on the climb and fast on the downhill have a drawback: clutter. Your handlebars are tasked with carrying much more than grips these days. Brake levers, shift levers, front and rear suspension lockout, a seat dropper release, and a GPS all eat up valuable handlebar real estate, and you're running out. Fortunately, Shimano feels your pain. Deore XT SL-M780 I-Spec Shifters mount directly to XT or XTR brake levers, so, with the elimination of two clamps on your bars, a little bit of room just opened up. The I-Spec shifters come with all the goodies that make the M780s so good. Arguably the best feature is Shimano's 2-way release function, which allows you to release cable tension with either your trigger (pointer finger) or your thumb. Another nice touch is the option of shifting through several gears with just one throw of the lever. This feature works whether you're shifting up or down.

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