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Stages Cycling Dash GPS Bike Computer

item #SGC000A
Price: $299.99 Buy Stages Cycling Dash GPS Bike Computer
Stages Cycling Dash GPS Bike Computer
Stages Cycling Dash GPS Bike Computer description:
As the brand who changed the landscape of power meters for self-sponsored cyclists and weekend warriors, Stages holds a special place in many riders' efficiently beating hearts. After years of sticking to power meters only, Stages has introduced its next innovation. The Dash system includes both a GPS Bike Computer as well as a cloud-based training platform called Link, and the system offers cyclists using Stages power meters already or those just starting out to sync their entire power and training systems under the gaze of one hyper-intelligent training system. No, we're not trying to call Dash a robot. But don't say we didn't warn you that it's pretty damn smart. Rely on the Dash GPS Bike Computer to keep track of and display just about any metric you could want while you're out on a ride. As you tighten up your training regimen ahead of a busy race season, this streamlined head unit will focus your workouts using all of the classic power-based metrics. If you choose to use Stages' Link platform along with your head unit and power meter, you'll gain access to a catalog of pre-made workouts, as well as added metrics like Functional Threshold Power (FTP) as well as optimal training zones fine-tuned to your fitness level. As you ride in Workout Mode, you'll receive either audio or visual cues when your intervals change, ensuring you stay on-track whether you remember what you're supposed to be doing in the dizzying last seconds of an all-out sprint -- or not. Once you finish up your workout and upload it to Stages Link, you'll be able to see how you did, but if you're partial to another online training platform, the Dash will get along just fine with it as well.

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