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Stages Cycling Carbon Single Leg Power Meter MTB Crank Arm - GXP

item #SGC0008
Price: $629.99 Buy Stages Cycling Carbon Single Leg Power Meter MTB Crank Arm - GXP
Stages Cycling Carbon Single Leg Power Meter MTB Crank Arm - GXP
Stages Cycling Carbon Single Leg Power Meter MTB Crank Arm - GXP description:
Seeing that power meters have exploded in popularity on the road, it was only a matter of time before mountain bikers adopted this same technology to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Catering to these data-inquisitive trail riders, the Stages Cycling Carbon Single Leg Power Meter MTB GXP Crank Arm measures and relays a host of insightful metrics as you muscle up root-laden climbs and pedal along undulating XC loops. As one of the more affordable power meters on the market, it's a great foray into translating rider output into usable data for gaining efficiency and speed--all while leaving some loot for race-day fees and upgraded components. The power meter is neatly tucked away in a low-profile fashion along the non-drive side, preventing it from bashing its guts out on rocks and gnarled root sections. It's compatible with many of SRAM's GXP Cranks with Q-factors of 168 millimeters. Carbon construction makes it ridiculously lightweight and incredibly stiff, so you can surge forward with every pedal stroke to maximize efficiency. Best of all, the meter itself only adds a scant 20 grams to the base of the crank arm, so you'll barely even notice it's there. Looking into the details of the meter itself, +/- 2% accuracy sits right in line with industry standards, meaning it'll please all but the most discerning of data geeks. Active Temperature compensation prevents skewed readings when conditions widely fluctuate on the trail, especially in alpine environments. For simplicity, the accelerometer-based cadence measurement doesn't require additional sensors. Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ capabilities wirelessly sync with your favorite cycling apps, so you won't have to deal with pesky cables while uploading data. For even greater analysis and control, Stages Cycling developed an app that identifies and updates firmware, zero resets the meter, provides quick read-outs of power output, and checks remaining battery life.

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