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Salewa North-X Hammer Ice Axe

item #SFW004K
Price: $179.95 Buy Salewa North-X Hammer Ice Axe
Salewa North-X Hammer Ice Axe
Salewa North-X Hammer Ice Axe description:
North aspects can be a little tricky throughout winter due to avalanche concerns and melting ice, but in spring, they're the last chance you get at enjoying mercury before summer takes its toll. Although they're you're last chance before the ice-hiatus, summertime ascents can bring a slew of problems on their own, but Salewa's North-X Hammer Ice Axe seems to take care of those problems for you. Designed for technical mountaineering, the North-X handles unexpected, icy situations on steep terrain with sophisticated elegance. Its hot-forged steel pick has a twenty degree offset angle to balance swing action and precise placements on all types of rock and ice, and the insulated handle works with the included leash to keep you ready for warm descents back to the car.

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