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SRM Power Control 8 Computer

item #SEM000E
Price: $750.00 Buy SRM Power Control 8 Computer
SRM Power Control 8 Computer
SRM Power Control 8 Computer description:
In your evolving pursuit of training perfection, the SRM Power Control 8 Computer is the advanced workhorse to help you get there. While still retaining the classic Power Control shape, which helps you speak volumes of your dedication to the best, this next generation is programmed with compatibility to keep you on the cutting edge of data transfer. Even without an SRM power meter, the Control 8 can pick up ANT+ signals from other meters. Additionally, you'll be able to integrate direct with other apps like Training Peaks for personalized zone setting. When the weather turns sour, you decide to hit the trials, or you just want to take a different bike out, the Control 8 is ready; it can be linked to the power meters on 4 different machines and keep 4,000 hours of ride data in hand and ready for download.

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