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Selle Italia Iron Flow S Saddle

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Selle Italia Iron Flow S Saddle
Selle Italia Iron Flow S Saddle description:
Selle Italia has been making saddles by hand in Italy for over a century, so when the brand decided to develop a line specifically for triathlon, we weren't surprised to see it come up with innovative designs built to address key, tri-specific concerns. Made with a durable Fibra-Tek cover and Titanium 316 rails, the Iron Flow S Saddle is the slimmer option within the Iron Flow line, built for those with narrower hips and sit bones. Selle Italia begins by addressing concerns of discomfort with a generous cut-out in the middle of the Iron Flow. As with the Italian company's road models, this improves circulation and relieves pressure on sensitive areas. The tri-specific Iron Flow also takes the cut-out one step further by leaving the nose split and bridging the gap with rubber in an open honeycomb pattern. This helps facilitate airflow so you can finish your bike leg chafe-free in dry shorts. The shape of the saddle itself addresses chafing as well, with the nose retaining vertical sides and a dramatically tapered shape for more thigh clearance while pedaling. The weight of the Iron Flow is low overall, at a claimed 265g, and Selle Italia engineers were careful to keep it that way when adding extra padding. They chose to build up just the rear of the saddle with cushioning, which tilts hips forward for lower back support and more leverage on aerobars. The saddle helps you maintain your position so you can focus on squinting at the ages written on the calves of riders you're passing or who are passing you. Past the rear, the saddle's body extends in a shape reminiscent of the spoiler on a sports car to further improve aerodynamics -- hopefully gaining you precious seconds heading into T2.

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