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Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow S Saddle

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Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow S Saddle
Selle Italia Iron Tekno Flow S Saddle description:
Selle Italia has been making saddles by hand for over a century, but don't take that to mean the brand is getting stodgy. Part of a tri-specific line of saddles introduced for the first time last year, Selle's carbon Iron Tekno Flow S Saddle offers triathletes an innovative design and a departure from some of the more traditional tri saddles on the market with distinctive, functional features. Selle designed the Iron Tekno Flow with a Fibra-Tek cover stretched over adjustable CarboKeramic rails. The split nose measures a slender 36mm and is shaped to help provide more space between the edge of the saddle and inner thigh while pedaling -- eliminating dreaded chafing made worse by wet tri shorts. Also serving to help eliminate discomfort caused by wet shorts is the honeycomb-shaped rubber between the split rails, added to facilitate better airflow and get your shorts dried off before you get to T2. When buying a tri-specific saddle, you need to know that it's been constructed to keep you comfortable in the aerobars, since that's where you'll be spending the majority of your time. Selle addressed this need in the Iron Tekno Flow by adding extra padding and an upturned shape at the widest part of the saddle, which measures 135mm to increase support while orienting the saddle, and rider, further forward. The saddle's shape tapers again into aerodynamically shaped carbon after this point, and the padding is strategically placed only where you need it most to keep the overall weight lower than most tri saddles at about 205g.

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