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Selle Italia SLR Flow

item #SEL000M
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Selle Italia SLR Flow
Selle Italia SLR Flow description:
Featuring the same 131mm seat width and 275mm length as Selle's SLR Tekno, the Selle Italia SLR Flow caters to riders with average-width sit bones, while providing ample length for adjusting your position to the terrain at hand. However, the big difference between the two saddles lies within the Italia SLR Flow's SuperFlow cutout, which relieves prolonged pressure exerted on the pelvis, instead directing weight to your sit bones for a far more comfortable fit. Moreover, you'll find this high-quality saddle eliminates the numbness that results from exerting pressure on the pudendal nerve, keeping blood flow consistent for extra comfort on long hauls and extended tours. The SLR Flow uses slightly more padding than the rest of the SLR lineup, with soft leather padding covering a shell made of nylon-carbon composite and Vanox rails. Though they're a tad heavier than their carbon counterparts, the Vanox rails remain strong enough for use on gravel grinders, cyclocross, and mountain bikes.

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