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Sierra Designs Flash 3 Tent: 3-Person 3-Season

item #SDS007B
Price: $299.95
Sale Price: $208.75
Buy Sierra Designs Flash 3 Tent: 3-Person 3-Season
Sierra Designs Flash 3 Tent: 3-Person 3-Season
Sierra Designs Flash 3 Tent: 3-Person 3-Season description:
If you're looking for a little more elbow room than a two-person tent for your car camping adventures, then look no further than the Sierra Designs Flash 3 Tent. Sierra Designs re-designed the Flash by adding a rain fly that integrates into the nylon and no-see-um mesh canopy, but it can also be retracted for an unhindered view of the stars during those warm and clear summer nights. The gear closets also have plenty of room for multiple backpacks and several pairs of shoes, and Sierra Designs placed each closet perpendicular to the doors, so you don't have to climb over all your gear to get in and out of tent at night.Sierra Designs built this tent's fly out of polyester taffeta to help keep the weight down, the body from nylon and no-see-um mesh for ventilation, and the floor out of nylon taffeta for durability. Three DAC Press fit poles are incredibly light and surprisingly strong, and the 15in integrated awning poles maximize the tent's space without adding the weight of another support pole. For added convenience during those nights spent waiting out the storm, Sierra Designs equipped this tent with its Night Glow accessory, which disperses the light of your headlamp for even lighting throughout the inside of the tent.

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