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6D Helmets ATB-1T Helmet

item #SDH000X
Price: $268.95
Sale Price: $150.00
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6D Helmets ATB-1T Helmet
6D Helmets ATB-1T Helmet description:
6D Helmets has been doing cool things with lids on the moto side of things for a while, but now it's jumping into the mountain bike realm with the all-new ATB-1T Helmet and its revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) Technology. Two and a half years in the making, this helmet breaks new ground in force reduction for increased safety out on the trail. ODS, in short, consists of two layers of EPS foam sandwiched around a series of dampers to absorb impact and reduce linear and angular accelerations. The outer layer is a higher density EPS in-molded with a durable polycarbonate shell to direct impacts, while the inner layer is a lower density EPS that provides quicker compression versus lower impact forces. These layers are joined by 27 elastic isolation dampers that allow movement across both compressive and shearing planes of motion in the event of a crash, with a compressive spring rate to mitigate accelerations. Think of the system as a ball and socket joint, in which the inner shell is able to shift and rotate across multiple planes to reduce impact force across the full range of strike angles. This is a big deal when you're staring down the barrel of a gnarly run and thinking about the big line. Even with all that safety packed in, the ATB-1T still looks like a rockin' trail helmet, so you'll stick out for your style instead of a noticeably strange head topper. 6D also pays attention to smaller, less obvious details to make wearing this helmet a comfortable experience. Large air vents promote cooling airflow for ease of use on even the warmest rides, while a removable and washable liner sits softly against your skin to wick away sweat and keep your lenses clear. An adjustable fit system lets you dial in the perfect fit in a snap, and a Fidlock buckle system connects the chin straps using magnets instead of clips for secure, user-friendly, one-handed operation.

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