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Scott Trail Trekking Poles

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Scott Trail Trekking Poles
Scott Trail Trekking Poles description:
A handy accomplice for scaling lofty peaks and trekking across rugged terrain, the Scott Trail Trekking Pole adds stability and grip when the going gets rough on the trail. The lightweight, three-piece aluminum design collapses down to 14. 5 inches, easily stashing in your pack when it's no longer needed on the trail. Ergonomic foam grip maintains a sure-handed feel, with the S-Lite strap preventing it from slipping off steep mountainsides or falling off at quicker paces. Interchangeable baskets provide versatility for summer and winter trekking, adding stability across loose terrain with the four-centimeter basket and float in deep snow with the nine-centimeter basket. The Duraflex Carbide tip digs aggressively into trail surfaces for stability and grip, with the ability to snap on a rubber tip for added shock absorption.

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