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Scott Endurance SF Glove

item #SCO00N2
Price: $34.95
Sale Price: $24.46
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Scott Endurance SF Glove
Scott Endurance SF Glove description:
Make sure your hands have enough protection for back-to-back long days in the saddle with Scott's Endurance SF Gloves. Created with hard-working materials, these gloves are tough enough to be reached for every day you reach for the bars. Featuring an easy pull-on design, the gloves were designed for long-term comfort, with compression-molded padding along the palms held in place by a silicone palm frame. The upper and palm are both constructed from stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics, so you'll have plenty of freedom of movement while shifting and braking. You'll need grip as much as protection on hot days, so Scott includes a mesh chassis to encourage ventilation and to help with quick moisture transfer away from your skin, preventing the sweat slip that can bump your hands off of the hoods. The gloves are finished with taped seaming, which cut down on abrasion and keep the gloves feeling open.

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