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Scott Watu Helmet

item #SCO00DC
Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $33.71
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Scott Watu Helmet
Scott Watu Helmet description:
Investing in a helmet that will protect you out on the trails doesn't have to mean parting with most of your rent money for the month. Scott's Watu Helmet offers all of the safety features of its pricier siblings, with a price that's far friendlier to your bank account than many alternatives. It uses the same In-Mold polycarbonate and EPS foam construction as Scott's higher-end helmets, so it has the same lightweight layer to protect against initial impacts, just without the extensive venting and shaping that the pricier options include. And while most of the time you have to sacrifice lightness for affordability in helmets, Scott trimmed weight on the Watu to actually make it lighter than comparable options. If you've ever tried to steer your bike with one hand while frantically digging a bee out of your helmet with the other, you'll appreciate the thin webbing Scott adds to the front of the Watu to ward off bugs, bees, and other winged creatures that could interrupt your day on the trails. The Watu's visor can be removed to trim more weight if you're a minimalist, and the included RAS dial fit adjustment and easily adjustable Cam dividers make sure you'll stay comfortable wearing the Watu on the days you're lucky enough to stay out all day.

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