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SciCon Small PC Trolley 20in

item #SCI000X
Price: $190.00
Sale Price: $152.00
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SciCon Small PC Trolley 20in
SciCon Small PC Trolley 20in description:
Your bike is packed and ready to go, so you've taken care of the big priority, but don't forget the rest of your essentials, snag the SciCon Small PC Trolley to safely secure the rest of your belongings as you ride around the world. A hard outer shell protects the contents, and easy access frontal compartments keep it painless to pack and unpack. Interior accessories pockets keep smaller items safe and simple to locate inside of the body, and there's ample space for packing riding gear for the trip. Enjoy the ride, wherever it may be, with your favorite kit from home, and without the need to shop for extra gear at your destination.

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