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SciCon Cycle Bag Travel Plus MTB

item #SCI000I
Price: $330.00
Sale Price: $297.00
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SciCon Cycle Bag Travel Plus MTB
SciCon Cycle Bag Travel Plus MTB description:
Similar to the SciCon Travel Plus Racing, the Travel Plus MTB bag was made for the traveling dirt shredders who need to protect their bikes from scratches and abrasion while moving in and out of vans, hotel rooms, campgrounds, and the like. It's made of a durable nylon outer material with foam padding throughout to keep your machine safe. Designated wheel pockets keep your hoops separate from the frame, and four handle loops and a shoulder strap let you move the bag around with ease. The base is double-reinforced, and there's a burly zipper along the top. The bag is compatible with mountain bikes that have up to 29in wheels. Please reference the specs for exact measurements.

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