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Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tire - 29in

item #SCH001H
Price: $92.00
Sale Price: $60.95
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Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tire - 29in
Schwalbe Rocket Ron Tire - 29in description:
The PaceStar Triple Compound that Schwalbe puts on the 29in Rocket Ron Tire is actually three compounds combined. Schwalbe recognizes that one compound isn't sufficient for all applications, so it gave the Rocket Ron different properties at different parts of the tire for a fast-rolling center strip, tacky shoulders for grabbing corners and trail furniture, and durable sidewalls. Whatever your XC or trail needs, the Rocket Ron is ready to rock. The tread profile falls between the crass lumpiness of Schwalbe's Nobby Nic and the speed-focused Racing Ralph, hitting the sweet spot of traction, debris clearance, and low rolling resistance. Rock the Evo casing when you're gunning for the podium, or pop on the SnakeSkin for extra armor on an enduro assault.

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