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Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire -29in

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Price: $92.00
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Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire -29in
Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire -29in description:
The Schwalbe Racing Ralph Tire is built for cross-country speed on race day. There's even talk around the office that it might be the fastest cross-country 29er tire out there. Schwalbe's PaceStar triple compound uses an easy-rolling layer as the base, with a harder compound on the tire's center strip to lower rolling resistance and translate to more speed in the straight sections. The tire shoulders are made of a softer compound for extra grip when hammering corners or navigating technical terrain. The Racing Ralph is most at home flying down a fast, clean course to victory. Schwalbe gives riders two options for puncture resistance with the Racing Ralph. The LiteSkin version is the lighter of the two, at a claimed 70 grams less per tire than the SnakeSkin. The SnakeSkin version has better puncture resistance, though, especially in its monofilament sidewalls. The Tubeless Easy SnakeSkin also makes the conversion to tubeless smooth and hassle-free.

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