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Schwalbe Magic Mary Tire -27.5in

item #SCH001E
Price: $92.00
Sale Price: $55.95
Buy Schwalbe Magic Mary Tire -27.5in
Schwalbe Magic Mary Tire -27.5in
Schwalbe Magic Mary Tire -27.5in description:
Downhill, enduro, all-mountain, it doesn't matter--if you need grip, durability, and the confidence to push it, shoe up with Schwalbe's Magic Mary 27. 5in Tire. Just look at it: giant blocky tread eats technical trails and loose corners for lunch, and the tough bead locks onto your rim like a grappling hook onto a castle wall. Schwalbe serves up the Mary in two versions, a SnakeSkin and a SuperG. SnakeSkin's made with Schwalbe's original puncture-resistant TrailStar ruber, while the SuperG loads up with a bombproof VertStar compound that is tough enough to ride down trails made of nails and broken glass (don't actually do that, though).

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